Friday, 27 March 2015

Rubber Table Thomas Schnur

The rubber plunger is usually every home owners worst nightmare - be it if you're afraid of digging out all sorts of crap from your toilet bowl, or you're freaked out by the Dalek's 'death by plunger' method of torture - but this Rubber Table featuring five plunger like legs truly sucks in a good way. 

Designer Thomas Schnur was on to something here with the Rubber Table, revolutionizing the way in which we use rubber and focusing on the way the rubber makes a strong suction device and the plunger stems give great structural support for the rubber table top.

The Rubber Table utilizes its iconic plunger suction legs, allowing for the table to be adhered to not only horizontal surfaces like floors, but also vertical ones such as the walls. Not only can it be used to conform to the shape of any surface, The Rubber Table also floats! Making it an awesome pool accessory and perfect for taking anywhere; for use as a table, a chair and a leaning post. And heck, it's rubber; it's practically indestructible too. 

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