Friday, 27 March 2015

Study Cubby

I know what I'm like when there's a deadline to meet; a cluttered, flustered mess with papers lying everywhere and a desk of textbooks laid about in disorganized chaos. Well, thank heavens there's finally an aesthetically pleasing solution. I introduce to you Homework, a table which helps you do what it says in the title. 

The Homework table is a clever wooden table with a metal rim running all the way around three sides of the table allowing for you to prop pictures, documents and books upright ready to use, storing all your important items so that you remember what to do next. It's perfectly formed so that your opened textbook can be propped upright - no more straining to lean over the desk and read - for you to take reference from. Pure study genius! 

Designer Tomas Kral utilizes this "moat" like lip around the table to help you store and prop to all your study delight whilst looking modern and sleek in a metal layer sandwiched between wooden panels.