Monday, 13 April 2015


We may not be able to read the labels - and know the secret additives they put in to this stuff to make it so addictive - but somehow we still love the cute candy happenings that come out of Japan. And here's a great way to get your hands on some sugary, savory, and just downright odd candy fresh from Japan;

Japan Crate are a sweet company that give you your Japanese candy fix in the form of monthly boxes; you simply subscribe to their services and each month they deliver a box to your door with a new batch of unique and funky candy from Japan. The monthly subscriptions start from $12/month for a mini box, $25 for an original box and $30 for a premium box in which you're guaranteed a funky flavoured and coloured Japanese drink. And postage is from to the US and roughly $10 to everywhere else. 

If you're the type who loves rare and interesting candy; Japan Crate is the thing for you. And if you're still unsure, just head on over to Japan Crate to check out some of their awesome Past Crates which were chock-a-block with cool candy. 

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