Sunday, 12 April 2015


The toilet selfie might not have taken off just yet but this toilet roll holder is a kitsch accessory for any keen photographer out there who used to love the art of printing out a Polaroid. 

POLAROLL works similarly to a instant picture camera which instead of giving you your developed image, gives you endless streams of toilet roll. How fun?!? 

This retro POLAROLL is cute and tidy, bringing an 80's vibe to your bathroom that allows you to disguise your one ply loo roll in a clever plastic caddy that will have you no doubt filling your guests with liquids just so they have an excuse to use the loo and see this awesome camera buddy. 

And asides from being an ace gift for camera lovers, the POLAROLL comes in two different varieties. You can get your bulk standard retro camera style of black and white, or if you're more into your pastels you can get the pink and blue model. Me thinks I need a POLAROLL in my life.

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