Monday, 20 April 2015


For those of you with a wild side these adornments and costumes by idolatre clothing co. are ace for bringing out your inner animal. Idolatre sell anything from headdresses to baby hats and to furry costumes to compliment your fuzzy wolf ears, perfect for any feral party you plan on crashing. With their customizable plastic resin ram horns you can really live up to that 'party animal' name you're going for. 

This Etsy shop have nothing but raving reviews from their customers, all happy with their ready made ornate headdresses with different ranges of animal horns affixed, and delighted with their antlers ready to create their own costumes. 

If you're planning a forest themed wedding then you'll definitely want your guests adorned with these unicorn nymph horn and ear headdresses, perfect for seamlessly turning your wedding party in to a group of mythical creatures. 

What I love about Idolatre's designs and costumes are their decorative style of moss and flower themed elements adhered all around the main antler and horn headpieces, the perfect coloring of shadows and veins to make the headdresses appear almost life like. 

By far my favourite in their shop is the Red Panda soft sculpture ear hat, made with fluffy ginger and white faux fur and cute sticky up panda ears, the side of the hat leaving a warm trail over the shoulders to keep you snug against the cold. This hat would make a sassy accessory for any themed party.