Sunday, 19 April 2015


Now these genius's behind Peared Creation know how to use old bottles and pipes and to turn them in to something awesome, as is proven in the creative and Industrial styled lamps and lights above. 

Peared Creations are a design powerhouse who create unique lighting products that put a twist on your conventional bottle lamps. Rather than putting a thread of fairy light in to the bottles or cutting them in to pieces to make room for a bulb, Peared Creations custom fit incandescent bulbs in to the heart of the vintage glassware's that are fit on to the frame of the lamp stand using Industrial style bolt and screw couplings. Peared lamps also continue the vintage theme with their fabric covered cord with makes the lamps feel classy and authentic. 

Peared lamps are turned off and on using rotating vintage faucets; thus adding an element of pre-mass plastic production fun, managing to bring back that Industrial style so well in the use of iron piping and vintage materials, and pairing the stripped back and bare metal design of Industrialism with the new timeless art of up-cycling glass bottles in to furniture.

They sell a series of different styles to suit all; with wall lights, to table lamps to overhead hanging piping lights, they combine the heavy duty iron with the ambient glow of illuminated glass to give a warm and inviting atmosphere. Peared lamps are utilitarian, modern and give a salvaged charm to any home.