Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Good things come to those who weight!

'Tis the season to be healthy and to help get you pumped and prepared for the beginning of a summer chock full of marathons, fun run's and endurance challenges here are some great fitness finds from the internet. 

By far the most superior product in the weights category are these Body Power Revolution Adjustable Dumbbell pair which allow for you to effortlessly turn your wrist to pick up anywhere between two to twenty kilo's of weight per dumbbell. 

That's right; no more man handling weights and fiddling to secure them to your handle, this lets you easily pump out 10 reps at four kilo before setting them down in the cradle, turning your wrist to the correct setting for you to pick up twenty kilo's! Genius! It takes the fuss out of curling and makes it so much easier for you to do a full set rather than go full speed ahead. 

With the Power Body Adjustable Dumbbell's it literally is twist and go! They're a convenient and attractive piece of gym equipment that saves you from having to have stacks of loose weight lying around. And speaking from hands on experience they really are amazing; they feel great and have a sturdy hand grip that locks the weight on firmly, balancing them correctly so you can get the most out of your workout. Sadly though is the price; at £350 they will set you back quite a bit. If you're a gym fanatic and would more than likely rack up the bills buying individual items, this is a great substitute, but otherwise I would shop around. 

Another piece of innovative fitness equipment are these products by Lucie Koldova who seems to merge everyday furniture with exercise equipment, creating pieces that can be readily used around the home and are concealed when not in use. 

Lucie Koldova's fitness furniture consists of Wardrobes that double as pull up bars, and tables that when tipped on to their legs give a space to do vertical knee lifts and other core, back and arm focused exercises. One of the best quality's of the designs is their modern black colour and subdued curves which make for attractive furniture on your lazy days. 

So it's bikini season and if you're thinking about getting your skin out but not quite happy with your abs, the Ab Coaster PS500 Exercise machine is perfect for you. It targets your core; working your upper and lower stomach muscles as well as your obliques by training the muscles from the bottom up - unlike traditional crunches - redefining the way we tone our bodies.

The steel rails of Ab Coaster provide a sturdy and very durable platform for your to continuously work out your core, letting you go at your own pace so that you can control your stomach muscles better. A digital workout counter attached to the machine will keep track of your progress. Ab Coaster works your abs without any neck damage, painful tail bone rubbing and is great for anyone who suffers with back problems. An ideal piece of work out equipment for all ages.

If you're a climber who loves to get involved with your exercise whole heartedly using feet and hand eye co-ordination, then the Jacob's Ladder would be an awesome challenge for you. Jacob's Ladder is a climbing machine with ladder type runs on a non motorized treadmill, which allow you to climb at your own pace; the faster you go the faster it goes, Jacob's Ladder is an ace piece of equipment for cardio and strengthening workouts, increasing heart rate quicker than other machines so that you enjoy a full on workout with a lowered risk of impact damage on joints and back due to the natural 40 degree incline angle.

Jacob's Ladder also has a digital readout, telling you your elapsed time, number of feet climbed, calorie burn and heart rate. Promoting good health and a steady exercise rate through fun exercise.

Tip: The best way to work to your goal is to sign up for a marathon or some sort of run; even though you're not ready to do one, it gives you something to work towards. And with a number of awesome runs such as Tough Mudder, The Big Colour Run, Spartan Race and Zombie Run all happening over the summer season you've got a great selection of crazy races to take part in that allow you to do your bit to raise money for charity! Incentive is a great way to get out there and motivated!