Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Precision Bites!

Now this Tool Pen Mini is the perfect pen pal for any crafty tinkerer out there who always gets stuck in and fiddling about with electronics, watches and other intricate objects. Tool Pen Mini is a smaller and more intricate version of Tool Pen which producers mininch ran on Kickstarter in 2014, and is there to cater to all the tiny screws out there; hence the slender tips and mini sizing of the pen that's built and designed for excellent precision. 

What makes the Tool Pen Mini innovative is it's "Pop-a-Point" nature, which allows you to pull screw-bits out of the bottom of the pen to slip them in to the top and cycle through pieces until you get the bit you need; perfect for cutting down the need to have tons of tiny screwdrivers and other tools lying around, instead compacting them all down in to one sturdy chamber. Tool Pen Mini is also light weight and portable, easy for you to carry around.

To help you tell which bit is where in the sequence of bits within the chamber the bit sizes and icons are printed on every facet of the bit, with windows in the side of the pen allowing you to see where they are in the cycle. 

The cap on the top of the pen makes it pocket perfect, with a magnetic lid that means the cap won't pop off whilst the clip on the side lets you keep it firmly in place. And the material of the Tool Pen Mini means it's more than capable of competing with the best mini tools out there; a firmly cast aluminium that can deal with every day wear and tear whilst still being an attractive accomplice.