Saturday, 25 April 2015

Let's gather round the campfire and let's...

For those who haven't quite come to terms with the art of camping and can't stand to be outdoors where the mosquito's and creepy crawlies are, then the Campfire Candle by Revolution design house is great for giving you a little bit of camp in the comfort of your own home so that you can toast your marshmallows over an open flame. 

The Campfire Candle was inspired by the warm crackle of a campfire on a crisp autumn evening with an almost geometrical shaped candle designed to look like a flame sat on a walnut log base, that as you burn the candle it's edges kind of curl and spit like an actual fire. Perfect for taking the adventure anywhere. And the grass base they model it on is a definite must if you want to compliment the candle. So if you see a scrap of artificial lawn, attack it with your scissors knowing that it'll make an ideal background for the Campfire Candle to sit on.

Also Revolution Design House - the makers of Campfire Candle - have another rather artistic candle on their hands that I'm in awe of. Madison: The candlestick candle tilts convention on its head by featuring the candle as the candlestick itself too.

The Candlestick Candle is a modern take on the ornate style of a vintage Candlestick; combining wax and artistic molding to create a piece that turns in to something different as it melts and shortens. The Madison Candle is great for achieving a classical look whilst attaining a modern theme. 

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