Friday, 24 April 2015


There are a lot of things in the universe that we want answers to, like do plants die of old age? Can germs catch germs? What is a hiccup? And my all time favourite; how on earth can you possibly make an electrically powered bulb float?!? 

Well, if you want to crack that code then you're going to need yourself a Flyte; Levitating Light. It uses magnetic levitation powered by air to get the bulb to hover, letting you have a mini art instillation in the comfort of your own home without the use of batteries. Instead Flyte powers light through the air via this crazy thing called induction. A magnet in the attractive wooden base plate uses magnetism to repel against the magnet inside the bulb which is pushing an opposing force; and somewhere in the middle of all of that you get light...

By gently lowering the bulb over the center of Flyte's magnetic base, you'll feel a resistance as it automatically settles on the electromagnetic field and causes the LED's the light up, slowly releasing it the bulb locks in to position and starts rotating.

To turn on and off your Flyte all it takes is a simple tap to the wooden surface of the base, turning the light off whilst keeping the bulb levitated in rotation; it's effortless and smooth, using a perfect blending between modernism and science to make an attractive product to make minds really think. Best of all, Flyte can double up as a wireless charging platform for your smartphone!

Flyte comes in three different styles; the first being the original square wooden base, a nice accessory for any home. The second is the premium version with a diamond cut wooden base ideal for those who would like a little more style in their Flyte. And lastly you can get your hands on the Flyte Maker's Kit; ace for letting you have a go of making up your own artistic light using the Flyte concept.

They're sleek and clever and take mind of sustainability in their powerful yet low energy consumption bulb usage. And starting from £160 it would make a fantastic piece to any room.

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