Wednesday, 15 April 2015


I've sent so many typo's in my texts and emails all because of the size of my thumbs; these thumbs just weren't made for mobile phones. Which is exactly why I've pledged for Libre, a wireless keyboard that lets you connect via Bluetooth to several different devices at once; giving the option to seamlessly connect to three different Bluetooth profiles; Windows, Android and IOS all with a tap. 

Libre is an awesome mobile keyboard from CaseStudi that's thin, light and includes all the features you could possibly want in a wireless keyboard. Libre is only 5mm thin and weighs just about 200g, making it a perfect, compact carry around companion. CaseStudi seem to have thought through the functionality in depth as Libre Keyboard has a very useful back light, illuminating the keyboard at four different strengths and letting you work in various lighting conditions without disturbing others. The polyurethane material keeps the keyboard light and thin, not sacrificing any durability or aesthetics in this choice as the wood grain pattern keeps the Libre looking natural and sleek. 

If you've got an iPad then the Libre Folio set is perfect for you; using a series of strong magnets, Libre can be an iPad case, a cover and a Keyboard cover, letting you customize your iPad accessory to suit you. Even if you don't religiously worship Apple then the standalone keyboard is the Libre for you; just as spill proof and sturdy as the iPad Folio set. 

And if you're interested in learning more about Libre, then head over to Kickstarter to see the campaign they're currently running, and to get involved and pledge. At roughly £30 for the wireless keyboard plus delivery to the UK, it is definitely worth it.

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