Sunday, 5 April 2015

Mizukagami: Water Mirror

People love a good illusion and these dripping mirrors give the eyes something to think about. The clever "Water Mirrors" are the collaborative project of art director Rikako Nagashima and acrylic craftsman Hideto Hyoudou, which manage to combine the reflective marvel of mirrors with the hallucinatory effect of slowly dripping and vibrating water to create timeless pieces to decorate the house with. 

These almost realistic puddles and spills were part of an instillation for the Shibuya gallery Rocket, designed to challenge perspective and are made of reflective acrylic. It's spellbinding to look at the clarity of the mirror as it curves to the form of each ripple and drip, and as it pools on the floor. 

Water Mirrors would make attractive yet neutral additions to the home, making the room feel as if it were melting with time. I'd love to turn the wall dripping mirror in to a clock to help create the theme of time slipping away.