Saturday, 4 April 2015

Lego Clutch

I can't recall how many of these plastic bricks I've had lodged in my feet over the years, but I can recall long day's spent trying to build the most insane towers. And what better way to feel that nostalgia again than with these fun and funky accessories made out of Lego bricks?

Agabag are the company behind these cute items that collaborate fashion with play in a series of clutches, handbags and bracelets that immortalize our favourite Lego building past time. Agabag offer multicolour, outrageous pieces that boast of their Lego heritage whilst on the other end of the spectrum also sell classy clutches that combine 24k gold plated Lego with solid colours to create bags worthy of socialites.

Asides from being attractive and playful, they're also very practical with careful stitches running up the sides to sustain quality and offer a great finish that keeps the bags from looking too bulky. Agabag also make funky lamps that use classic lines and different transparency's of Lego to make an effective looking house accessory.