Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Sandwich Book

When it comes to Sandwich making we're all connoisseurs in our own right; there's the way we layer the gherkins - to touch or not to touch - and the right sequence of ham, cheese, tomato and then ham, to mayo or to not mayo, that is the question?!? But this Sandwich Book by Pawel Piotrowski will put any sandwich you've ever made to shame. 

The Sandwich book looks to challenge convention, bringing a visual treat to the hobby of reading and as you turn the pages of this book you'll find yourself examining the many layers of a sandwich. 
You start with the front cover of the book, which is a high resolution picture of a bread slice, and as you turn over you get the filling, enough filling to stuff your chops with, page upon page of cleverly cut tomato, onion and 3D lettuce. 

The Sandwich Book may not be useful, but it'll sure look quirky sitting on your shelf, or make a pleasant companion for the kitchen; making people think about book's in different ways.