Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Like a King

Canvas Furniture is a series of two dimensional hanging furniture pieces that let you feel like someone worthy of being immortalized on canvas. These clever pictures slash chairs can either be hung like regular canvas' or lent against the wall to provide opportune seating for guests who'll ooh and aah at the genius of it. 

The aluminium and wooden framework of Canvas Furniture is covered by an elasticated fabric that allows for comfortable seating when the need arises. The chair and sofa printed fabric makes it even more suitable as you lean into the portrait, defying convention by doing your best to deform the canvas. Canvas Furniture comes in three styles; a stool, a chair and a sofa which all allow for cosy seating that tidily hangs back on the wall at the end of the night. 

No more dog chewing your sofa to shreds, or loose change going down the back of the sofa. It's the beginning of a new age where everything - TV's and sofa's alike - hang on walls.