Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Shave it for later

Exams are coming up and there's no better way to get yourself organised than to begin with your pens, pencils and other stationary. (Okay, maybe revision is best, but pretty and functional things never fail to make everything better.) And if you do want to get yourself in order, then this Pencil Shaving Desk Tidy by UK based designer Clive Roddy is the perfect, quirky little accessory to get ready to hardcore hit the books. 

This neat and fun Desk Tidy was designed to mimic a giant pencil shaving, in which the natural spiral shape of the shavings provides a space to keep your abundance of stationary tidily stored away. Each Pencil Shaving Desk Tidy is handcrafted from sustainable Birch Plywood and can either be hand painted in any of the three primary colours; Yellow, Blue and Red, the colours you get on most pencils. 

Pencil Shaving Desk Tidy has a large storage capacity that lets you store up to 75 pencils, brushes, rulers you name it... The plywood spiral lets you organize yourself stuff in to separate sections between the layers of ply, keeping them compactly and amusingly stored. And for just £25 you can get your hands on a Pencil Shaving Desk Tidy; and I really can see these making a cool adornment to any studious kids desk, or even in the middle of the table in an art room to spruce the place up a bit.