Thursday, 23 April 2015

Don't let the airlock hit you on the way out

There's no better way to communicate to your dorm room mates that you're a hard core science and gaming fan than to paste one of these bad boy's on your door! 

Sci-Fi Door Decals are awesome accessories for any nerd or intense gamer out there who wants to bring a little bit of cyborg, mechanical or hyperspace in to their bedroom. 

These Sci-Fi Door Decals are removable and perfect for any teenagers bedrooms, offering four different varieties; Airlock, Armory, Freight Elevator and Lab Door, all great ways to make you feel as if you're in a fast paced science fiction film with a dead end and a bunch of morlocks heading your way... 

Except for this time you don't have to punch a code in to get out. And if you want a gun cabinet on hand in case of an emergency, or a freight shaft that lowers you to your secret bat cave, then all it takes is £35 and a spirit level to make sure you don't hang the decal at an angle.