Saturday, 18 April 2015

What the Snurk?

Just as their slogan says, Snurk are focused on making creative yet comfortable design 'For Horizontal Living'. By 'Horizontal Living' they mean those eight plus hours you spend wrapped up in your bed; sprawled on a mountain of pillows with a duvet sinking you in to sleepy by land. 

But Snurk was designed to help those who aren't as fortune as the rest of us; for those who aren't lucky enough to have a roof over their head or a bed to lie in safely. And to help support the homeless, the designers behind Snurk, Erik and Peggy, thought it would be awesome if they could bring the streets in to the house in the form of a duvet cover that looks like a tatty cardboard box, and a fitted sheet that looks like a grotty sidewalk. They called the design Le-Clochard and Le-Trottior, which literally translates to 'the tramp' and 'the sidewalk' And asides from looking amazing and authentic with the photographic print on both sides, some of the proceeds of Le-Clochard go to several charities throughout Europe to help tackle homelessness. 

Obviously from there Snurk has only grown and their series of photographic prints are the kind that have you longing all throughout the day to crawl back in to bed. Perhaps Snurk are best known for their Ballerina and Astronaut covers for children, but their more mature line of expressive bedding's look awesome. 

If you're in to more artistic bedding then the Pool, Trampoline and Bassie are for you. The pool duvet cover has the lines that you see at the bottom of the swimming pool with gorgeous water ripples decorating the surface. The Bassie duvet set is designed to look like a clear water tank, a lone fish and his shadow in the bottom hand corner making the duvet look enchanting yet crystal clear. And if you're more on the funside and enjoy turning your bed in to a jumping apparatus, then the Trampoline duvet cover will help you complete the effect!