Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Stand up, Sit Down, Keep Moving

The Stooler

Andreu Carulla is the genius behind the 'anything's a stool' stool with his new design 'The Stooler'.  With this inventive set of straps and legs, you can turn any item into a stool by simply strapping them around the bundle and tightening to make a make shift stool.

The Stooler

   Not only does this give you the opportunity to be functional about your seating, but you can also be creative with it and try to find the weirdest item to make a stool out of. In this way you can reuse and recyle any object into a comfy stool.

Any size, shape or form.

Also because of its adaptability, you can take it wherever you go as a stool that you can literally throw together out of nothing.