Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Guess How Much?

All of these products, on my trip to Sainsburys for just...


Ever since TLC started airing Extreme Couponing I've gone a little bit overboard with ordering coupons, freebies and samples as well as entering sweepstakes. But after my frist trip with couponing I am glad to say that I am hooked! 

I printed off 4 coupons for the Emmi Caffe Latte cappucino drinks which gave me them for absolutely free (as well as a little bit off thanks to the multiple buy money back, bare in mind only one coupon per email) and Sprite are currently offering a free bottle of sprite through their facebook site.  All of the fabric softners I clipped from SuperSavvyMe.com meaning that all four bottles totaled at only £2.92, which means our fabrics will be soft soft soft for quite a while.

I've got more coupons in my pocket, Six coupons for a free lip balm from The Body Shop, and a coupon for 100 completely free tealights at IKEA if you join their 'family'. 2 for 1 on sausage rolls at Greggs and a couple of extra bits. I've also, shamefully, claimed free soft toys from company's such as Cow & Gate and Aptimel by making up an imagiary baby. Oh the things we do for free toys...