Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I Shaw That

Paper Mache Furniture
 Blast! Quite literally with this plastic spray gun by designer James Shaw. His experimental furniture is made from spraying paper mache at a wire mesh frame until the material builds into a stable layer to constitute as the furniture surface.

One of my favourite aspects is the rugged surface and odd paint job that makes the furniture look as if it had just been pulled from the sea bed.

Used like a water pistol, Shaw shoots at the frame and builds up a bumpy texture of paper mache.

'I have produced a set of weapons (guns of course) to become my arsenal, with these I will fight the fight. we are all fighting for creative territory, for novelty, for some spark of newness.'

Plastic Extrusion Table

 In another of his 'guns', Shaw uses a plastic resin that comes out of the gun in a rope like shape completely made of melted and recyled HDPE.

The HDPE Resin gun

The melted resin squirts out in a new form to create a piece of unique furniture every time. Although the process is luborious and involves the ripping of a lot of paper (inside joke) the results are quite stunning, giving the effect of an eroded piece of furniture.