Thursday, 20 June 2013

Looking Shifty

Daniel Schofield- Shifty

 We all know the conventional way to open a draw is to pull it out from the table, but amazing designer Daniel Schofield has defied the norm by creating a side table that moves away from the wall to reveal the draws.  Ta Da.

These side tables are the perfect solutions for those who sit at their desks and can't reach around their opens draws to go about their business. With this desk design, you can easily access your bits and pieces in the draw compartment whilst utilising your desk.

Daniel Schofield- Shifty

One aspect I particularly like about this desk is the minimalistic style- this side table is thin and sleek and blends into any hallway without giving any clues of its multifunction.

And in case you have any qualms about the desk snapping away from its sliding hinges, a leg can be extracted from beneath it to keep the side table propped up.

Daniel Schofield- Shifty

This side table is part of his 'Secrecy' range of furniture produced by Daniel Schofield- in which your items are potentially 'hidden'. Any unsuspecting person would think that your items are kept in the draw on the front of the table, when in actual fact, all of your items are concealed under the desk. Allowing you to have a cheeky smile to yourself.

It's a great utility of small space and definitely worth it if your struggling to find room.

Daniel Schofield- Oscuro

As part of his 'Secrecy' range, Schofield has also produced a hidden stool. The 'Oscuro' is a nifty little stool with a shaggy red matt covering for comfort, and a handy little hidden compartment inside it for storing all of your sneaky little items. Inspired by a snipers camoflaging, the felt and cords of the stools surface hides the entrance to a secret compartment hidden beneath- perfect for hiding valuables and keeping your privacy.

After all, who would suspect a stool?