Sunday, 19 October 2014


I always feel really good when I get a freebie or something I've won in the mail, so I thought I'd share how I got some of my freebies and how you can get your hands on them too!
The first thing I really have to rave about is this amazing project sharing website that I'm part of called Cut Out & Keep where people upload their projects and can favourite stuff made by other people. It's perfect for budding designers or people with a habit for craft so I'd definitely check it out if it's something that interests you. 

Another thing about Cut Out & Keep is that they regularly run competitions on their website where you can get your hands on some cool craft based books. In the past four months I've won five and I've got two in the post! These are awesome books for dipping into when needed and for amazing new craft or recipe ideas. second website of interest for freebie-ing (she says the word as if it exists) is PG Tips who have a 'Cuppa Club' in which you collect points from their packets of tea and can save up to get cool gifts. So far we've got a tea towel (which I didn't attach a picture of because it's quite grubby at the moment) and I'm saving up to get an ornate cake stand. Which is pretty awesome considering the fact that we drink the tea anyways.

The third website that I definitely thinks worth having a look at is Anchor Rewards. You collect codes from your anchor products, enter them in online and can claim cool kitchen equipment. We've got the spoon and the whisk which I'm putting by for when I get my own place, but if you cook frequently and get through anchor butter like theirs no tomorrow than it's a freebie worth grabbing onto. 

Another point collecting reward scheme to look into is Jus-Rol rewards for all those pastry makers out there where you can get your hands on baking and cooking essentials.

If you're expecting a little tike soon or are just obsessed with cuddly toys than you can check out the Cow&Gate and Aptamil mother's clubs that let you get your hands on these cute cuddly's. Mine are currently being pulled to bits by my puppy but they're worth grabbing if you do have a little one on the way.

There are tons of other freebies and samples that I get in the post but these are by far the best of the bunch and easy to collect. Have fun being frugal!

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