Monday, 23 February 2015

Adventure Scents

For the fantasy fanatic out there, Adventure Scents will bring your game play and life to the next level. By adding Adventure Scents fantastic scented beads to your stories and games, you give the adventure a fourth dimension; as you walk into the Dragon's Cave with you sword on side, you can actually smell a Dragon's Cave, you know that familiar scent of dragon's breath and gold? 

What's fantastic about Adventure Scents is that you can literally use them anywhere; whilst reading, whilst playing, whilst gaming, and even whilst walking out and about. Using the their fantasy gilded locket, you can carry the perfumed scent of a Rowdy Tavern around your neck. And whilst playing with your friends, you can wield your scented sword to hit your pal with the smell of a Moldy Crypt. 

And if you can't commit to buying a full sized jar of scent, then go ahead to Kickstarter and order their five sample scent packs. With scents such as an Enchanted Forest, an Icy Castle, a Smoky Campfire and a Horse Stables, you're spoilt for choice.

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