Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Heel-ish Shoes!

Nothing says 'Killer Heels' than these literally killer heels by Zombie Peepshow that are covered in skulls, pistols and hell-fire! Zombie Peepshow are the kitsch and so Kawaii Etsy shop that specialize in show stopper heels that are hand crafted with different attractive adornments. 

My personal favorite of their rocking shoes is their 'Skull Purgatory' Curved Wedges, which feature a large and Gothic looking skull that wraps around the back of the heel, the top row of skeletal teeth descending in to the wedges concave. They're hand painted and textured and come with an LED illuminating function of your chosen color which adds more eeriness to the creepy looking heels. 

Seeing as each set of shoes are handcrafted, they can top between £100-£200 for a pair. And if you really want to be one of a kind, then you can pay the designer of Zombie Peepshow to make you a custom order. 

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