Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Antique Exquisite you're searching for the antique niche but don't want to wear jewelry that you've looted from your grandma's stash, then Erica Weiner is the store for you. 

Searching far and wide the minds behind Erica Weiner loot through estate sales and rural antique centers to bring their customers the best of the best. Salvaging as much material as they can whilst also selling the whole pieces that are too good to take apart, they use the many different aged clasps, pendants and findings to piece together unique collections that you won't find anywhere else.

Another of their modern collections includes kitsch items that have been coated in layers of gold and silver such as pen tips, humming bird skulls and screwdriver bits. And what makes it even more personal is knowing that it's been pieced together by odds and ends of antique jewels. 

From their antique collection, my personal favorite is the Elephant hair ring which is forged in memory of the ancient tradition of Raj era, 19th century India, where the Brits would shoot an elephant down and immortalize a hair from their tails forever in a ring. Of course now a days, they don't shoot the elephant to take the hairs, and Erica Weiner personally work fair trade with an elephant sanctuary, donating some of the proceeds to the sanctuary. Now aside from the powerful history of the ring, the style of the piece is unique in that the ring is hollowed out and has sequenced holes throughout that allow for the strand of elephant hair to be seen. It's beautiful, and quirky and a perfect idea for a gift for someone with an appreciation for fine jewelry.

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