Thursday, 12 February 2015

Blonde's do it better

If you're lucky enough to be rocking light coloured hair, then you're definitely going to want to get your hands on some of these colourful non-permanent hair dyes by Bleach London. For any shade of blonde hair (from platinum to natural) these rainbow coloured dyes can last anywhere between two and ten washes and can give you either a pastel shade or a vibrant bright colour that will make heads roll. 

Bleach are a London based Hair Salon that inject colour on to the heads of many creative individuals. They offer dip-dye's, full heads of colour and highlights as well as funky hair cuts to go along with your wild new colour. 

Probably the best aspect of Bleach is that they offer home DIY colour dye kits, giving you the option to dye your hair an assortment of colours from home so that your hair never runs out of fun loving colour. And if you don't know which colour to go this month, then you can buy the Bleach 'spin the bleach bottle' hair dye kit which lets you gamble on which colour to go this time round. They also sell miniature colour kits so that you can master the art of blending colour or streaking dye to create wild patterns. Their coloured Bleach hair crayons let you scribble in your colour as it begins to fade and lets you touch up any showing roots. Another good idea for these dye's is to get one of the smaller kits and let children experiment with hair dying their dolls hair; much like Bleach did in their Barbie collection

Sadly these dyes really do only work on blonde hair, and work best on the lightest of blonde's. So if you're looking to change your hair colour on a regular basis and without doing much damage, you'll have to think about bleaching your hair blonde before hand to get the best results. 

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