Tuesday, 10 February 2015

For the Modern Flower Child

Waving goodbye to winter and saying hello to spring, it's time to pull on the garden gloves and stock up on flower bulbs. And what better way to embrace nature than to bring it in to your life through these chic pieces of jewelry.

These resin bangles by Modern Flower Child are lightweight and perfect for all the flower lovers and boho girls out there; they're handmade using handpicked and dried flowers and other pieces of nature and then embedded into the resin to make these beautiful, semi transparent bangles. 

The bangles are gorgeously natural and the mixture of clear resin and dried flowers make it seem as if nature is suspended around your wrist. Modern Flower Child also make rings, earrings and pendants in a similar style. Your bracelet will be made of real feathers, flowers or seashells and will be handmade and shaped by the artist. They're enchanting and one of a kind, and probably the best way to welcome in spring.