Wednesday, 25 February 2015

You should always read the paper and here's why; because sometimes they have fantastic coupons in them that are too good an opportunity to pass up! And here's the latest coupon that I found in the Metro. were offering Metro users a two weeks supply of bespoke dog food for only the £1 postage charge; and as a dog owner of two giant breeds, I knew this to be a good deal so I instantly hopped online to get mine sent to me. 

I entered in the details of my pup on their website to develop a personalized meal for her and four days later I've got 2.4kg of biscuits for her to munch and she appears to love them a lot. What's great is that they send it with a measuring cup and bag with her name written on the front so that you know which dog you're feeding. And they send through more coupons to give to your friends.

Using the new coupons I've sent away on for some dog feed for my much larger dog (two weeks worth for the £1 charge) and chose to say that I don't feed her anything but the dry food, meaning that they'll send me 9.2kg of biscuits next time around all for the £1 price. And that is a bargain! Even if you were to pay full price it would be a good deal, and with bespoke food and regular delivery dates you'll never run out, especially as they recommend a feeding plan for your dogs ideal diet. 

To evaluate this means: 9.2kg of dog biscuits = £1 (only if you check that they don't eat any extra meats) and 2.4kg of dog biscuits = £1 (And to make sure you don't get caught out, use different emails, different addresses and different cards to make the most of your coupons)

If you want a two weeks free trial for just £1, use the code: T34VBT

P.S. don't forget to cancel the following deliveries if you don't want to continue them.