Tuesday, 3 March 2015

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For the travel happy out there or those who have family abroad, the World Clock by ElevenPlus would be a great companion to keep on your desk. Asides from having a sleek cylindrical body with a glossy transparent plastic head, the World Clock can do much more than your average clock, as with a simple rolling motion you can find out the time in a different country. 

Independent working hands make this whole function possible, and by easily rolling the clock until it displays the name of the desired country on the top, the hands will be manipulated so that they correctly display time down to the last second. 

It's an inconspicuous and functional desk aid for the travel dreamer out there and World Clock comes in three matte colors of crimson, navy and slate grey, so you can know the time in all 24 different time zones.  It'd make a perfect gift for a loved one who's moving away, so they know what time to call.

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