Thursday, 9 April 2015

Craighton Berman

Designer Craighton Berman really impresses with his prototypes, products and sketch ideas so I thought I'd talk about some of his awesome inventions and what makes them so amazing and innovative. 

First of all is the Coil Lamp which is a genius design composed of only a laser cut acrylic lamp frame and a long length of electrical wire, designed to coil around the frame to make the volume of the lamp's shape. The lamp challenges convention by making the electrical component the main attention, the coiled design doing all of the aesthetic work as well as the functional. Coil Lamp is so well proclaimed that it's a permanent fixture in the Art Institute of Chicago as part of the "Rethinking Typologies" Exhibition which features many creative designs. 

Another of Craighton Berman's witty designs is the Daily Aspirations collection of bedside trophy's created to inspire daily aspirations. 'Fiscal Responsibility' is the trophy made to keep your wallet at hand and remind you of your monetary duty's, whilst 'Honest Communication' provides a neat space to keep your mobile docked, helping to remind you to be friendly, and last but not least 'Civic Engagement' which provides a nice nest to keep loose keys in place. These trophy's act as a gentle reminded to stay happy throughout the day and to live up the message on each trophy. Although they do also make an attractive trio of functional trophy's to keep your gadgets in. 

The last of Berman's stylish products I'd like to talk about is his highly practical 'Stimulation' mug and ash tray combination. Stimulation is a helpful stack-able mug and ash tray which allow you to get your daily fix of legal drugs in the form of caffeine and nicotine. It's a simplistic design that allows for an easy stimulation boost and can be tidily stacked.