Thursday, 9 April 2015

You big softy

If you're worried about your precious cups and saucers getting chips and cracks, then fear no more because the Soft Cabinet by Dewi Vani De Klomp offers a way for you to softly store all of your precious china, editions and cactus plants. 

Soft Cabinet comes in four varities; the Soft Cabinet Green, Soft Cabinet High, Soft Cabinet Small and Soft Cabinet Classic, allowing you to pick a style to suit you. 

These Cabinets are constructed from a thick foam rubber that is strong and sturdy enough to keep the cabinet vertical, whilst also offering a little bit of give so that you can push the foam aside and place your cups and saucers safely away. 

Clever incisions through the middle of the foam material provide space for storage which has been crafted to replicate the traditional storage of a wooden cabinet. They're funky, soft and functional and offer a unique way to store your damageable items. 

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