Friday, 10 April 2015

Wig out

For those of you who want to get some blooms in to the house over this spring and summer than the Wig Vase sounds like the perfect solution to bring sophistication and modern design to your flower arrangements. 

The Wig Vase is either a matte or gloss finished ceramic head vase that allows for you to place the stems of your flowers through the series of holes in the head and arrange them as if to arrange a floral wig over the vase's head. It's artistic and fun and encourages you to get creative with nature by either making an Afro, a Mahican or a number of other crazy styles to jazz up the home with. 

Slightly Art Nouveau in style, these chic vases work with a detachable neck base which pulls away from the main head piece to allow you to fill the inner vase with water to keep your 'do' healthy and refreshed. 

This home decor by Tania da Cruz transforms flowers in to one wild head of hair and the ceramic vases are hand made coming in a choice of either white or black with the option of a gloss or matte finish.