Saturday, 11 April 2015

Time is short

This stellar looking two-in-one watch uses the power of 3D imaging to make you do a double take. In one instance the image on the watch appears to be that of a regular watch on a wrist, but with a twist of your wrist it's suddenly an x-ray image of a watch on a skeletal watch. 

The 'Time-is-short' watches is a constant reminder that time is, well... short, and that you're not going to live forever (morbid as that message is) so you better get a move on and change things up. 

What's amazing about this watch is the graphical splendor of it and the way in which there's a watch in a watch; Time-is-short uses clever technology to seamlessly change from living colour to x-ray. 

An excellent present and fashion accessory for any radiologist or orthopedic doctor! 

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